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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,    ETC.                115

and magnificent works undertaken, I see many
things pulled down, but except a repair in the
roof of the Luxembourg, the alteration of the
Palais Bourbon and the finishing of the bridge, I
have not seen one new stone put upon another.

There are wood and plaster statues where
brass and marble stood, dead poplar trees of
liberty,1 and the words " propriete nationale" upon
more than half the houses. These are the present
ornaments of Paris.

The H6tel du Pare Royal is now a printing-
house ; 1'Hotel de TUniversit^, an office for the
artillery. The Fauxbourg St, Germain is quite de-
populated; its hotels almost all seized by Govern-
ment, and the streets near the Boulevard are
choked with weeds. There is little bustle, except
about the Palais de TEgalit6, which is a complete
receptacle of filth. The buildings about it are
ruinous. Poor Bablot, of the "Pare royal," died
of a broken heart.

I have been to the site of the Bastille, now a
timber-yard. As there have been fifty-seven new
prisons instituted in Paris, I think I may say that

i Similar ornaments are still permitted to disfigure three
of the handsomest portions of Brussels. All persons in that
city unite in condemning their being preserved; but no one
has the good taste or courage to propose their removal.